About us

Charterdoc is an independent market research and strategy consulting services provider for the knowledge-intensive sectors. We have been delivering consulting work for exciting projects spanning tech innovation, foreign start-ups, GTI (Global Talent Independent) programs and business migration. Charterdoc is committed to becoming the recognised leader for innovation and excellence in the knowledge-intensive business services industry.

We are a network of consultants, proposal managers, technical writers and coordinators, working with subject matter experts and other stakeholders to deliver high-quality business writing and consulting work. Our approach is hands-on, requiring exceptional editorial skills, negotiation abilities, attention to detail and flexibility in all we do.

We provide well-developed, well-researched and well-articulated business writing for entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses. These include proposals, business plans, reports, market research, feasibility studies, competitive analysis, digital content and case-specific statements and submissions.

We work alongside lawyers and financial and migration professionals to manage the development and submission of high quality, compelling and strategically planned proposals and submissions. We contribute to writing, strategy to win, and research the market to prepare independent feasibility study reports. Every assignment is different, and our process is tailored to achieve the best outcome.

We have helped entrepreneurs evaluate business ideas and start up. New and existing businesses have sought our services to re-think current strategies and analyse opportunities.

Through our writing and strategic consulting, we have helped make government applications, raise funds, save costs, express unique situations and request consideration on compassionate grounds.

We are based in Sydney CBD and are regularly consulted on business scenarios on direction and approach. We regularly work in a team comprised of freelancing professionals in legal, finance and professional services where we undertake consulting and writing work as part of a multi-step administration.