Retailers re-entering a fundamentally changed world of commerce

As the latest lockdown ceases and businesses re-open in Melbourne, the retail capital of Australia, customers will opt to continue to shop from the security and convenience of their home using a store’s e-commerce platform. Virtual try-ons and other AR (Augmented Reality) technology to maintain contact-free practices will continue to become key value propositions for businesses in meeting new retail consumer expectations.

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted many long-standing vulnerabilities in a retail business. Some may have buckled under the financial pressure of the economic downturn and closed down altogether. With the Australian government cushioning the blow by offering JobKeeper allowances and other stimulus packages, it is expected most businesses will re-open, particularly those in metropolitan areas.

As part of the revamp and the rebuild of the Victorian retail sector, AI enabled technology is much needed. It will improve and enhance the customer shopping experience. It will address the requirement to maintain social distance. It will offer consumers seamless and premium customer service experiences that will increase in-store foot traffic and in turn, sales revenue.