About Charterdoc Marketplace

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Charterdoc Marketplace is a business solutions provider that allows its users to exchange services and communicate with each other.

There is a range of legal, financial and business professionals available on Charterdoc. Service providers include chartered accountants, lawyers, writers, consultants and other legal, financial and business professionals. There is also a range of other providers including business brokers, market researchers, education agents and real estate agents offering consulting, collaboration and executive support services.

Charterdoc is an Australian-owned company based in Sydney, New South Wales. The platform has been designed as a simple marketplace that connects professionals with clients, often small businesses with other corporate professionals in the local community who want to complete professional tasks to earn money.

Charterdoc is Australia’s first knowledge-intensive gig ecosystem, enabling those with professional knowledge in their line of work to offer services directly to others looking in. Charterdoc’s digital escrow payment system facilitates the transactions of these services, by improving trust for clients when hiring professionals.