Genuine position statements

A genuine position statement must contain these three elements:

  • A detailed, commercial explanation for the appointment of the nominated position together with evidence;
  • A voice from the business owner; and
  • Be written clearly, in a unique, logical flow that is consistent with the relevant legislative requirements.

It is a one-stop-shop document that addresses these three areas prepared by a non-partisan third-party report provider.

Specifically, the document must cover the following topics:

  1. The nature of the business operation;
  2. The current organisational structure;
  3. The nominated position, and its suitability to the business;
  4. Comparability of the nominated position to the ANZSCO;
  5. The nominee’s profile;
  6. The financial capacity of the business; and
  7. The current market situation and the future trajectory of the business.

Charterdoc works with you to co-design a unique statement that showcases the nominating business from these various aspects. Please reach out with your enquiry here.