Immigration technology (ImmiTech) is used to describe any technology for the immigration space. Some goals of immitech include reducing paperwork or making transactions quicker, more efficient and error-free. It also includes cutting any unnecessary inflation in costs and time for all participants.

As many migration services providers increasingly pivot their operations and go digital, the immigration space is evolving with varied products and services to suit the new climate and to create new streams of revenue. Businesses have also reduced staff, and migration clients are searching for ways to save costs on fees.

With the borders once closed and restrictions to international travel in place for a period of near two years, it is expected that now in the post-lockdown era, Australian migration has come back in full swing to help revive the economy, and digital technology trends and remote working continues to stay on, and will continue as the new normal.

Visadoc by Charterdoc offers a powerful, secure, digital platform to connect migration professionals with migration clients.

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