Premium business plans for 188A

A 188A Business Plan – Premium is prepared for those who require a brand new idea curation, to make it particularly competitive, compelling and exciting.

It’s suitable for:

  • Entrepreneurs who are over the age of 50+
  • Entrepreneurs who require bonus points or a particularly unique business product/service
  • Business migrants who come from a traditional business background such as real estate development, cafe/restaurant ownership, convenience stores, traditional import/export business or an online e-commerce platform, and are required to innovate on their existing business concept
  • Cases that require a more hands-on approach from us

It’s not recommended for:

  • those who require high volume phone calls or emails to unravel the circumstances
  • those who require us to come up with an idea that is deeply innovative, and then require us to also undertake the technical research and data to ascertain that the idea can be commercialised
  • high-level amounts of revision and expansion are required
  • high-level business consulting required
  • high volume of feedback and customisation is required on the plan structure or content to make it very special

If this sounds like you, we’d love to help. Please contact us directly to receive a quote on your particular circumstances.

Our 188A Business Plan – Premium includes:

  • Idea curation, proposed company name and ASIC name search
  • High quality, relevant images and graphics
  • Deep dive into market competition including competitive analysis
  • Marketing strategies
  • An executive summary that captures the essence of the entire business plan on one page, explaining the market need, proposed activity, business background of the entrepreneur who proposes the idea, funding and contributions to the state economy
  • 5 other sections which are:
  1. The current situation which discusses the existing business or market, and the problem the new business idea is proposing to solve (or an opportunity it proposes to take)
  2. Environmental analysis which discusses the market opportunities in the relevant sector and the state economy, competition and target market including customer profiling, suppliers and customers as relevant
  3. Credentials which discusses the CEO or managing director’s achievements to date and the core executive team (if it’s a business expansion plan)
  4. Strategy which looks at the corporate strategy (location (including contributions the business proposes to make to the state economy), structure and ownership, proposed organisational chart), business strategy (marketing and revenue model), regulations/IP requirements, target milestones and SWOT
  5. Financials including sales forecasting, start-up costs, notes on assumptions made, profit and loss forecasts and cash flow projections

If requested, answers to use on the state nomination questionnaire relating to the proposed activity can be provided

If requested, no-label document service – a business plan prepared a plain no brand document (otherwise the default template branding is Charterdoc)

Frequently asked questions

How long is the 188A Business Plan – Premium?

Our Standard business plans are generally 40 – 60 pages in length.

Can I ask for a revision or an expansion after the final draft has been delivered?

Yes, we work in a collaborative environment and would like the BP to be a part of a successful application. If there are any areas you’d like revisited, you will have this opportunity once a final draft has been delivered. Sometimes, if a phone call makes better sense to explain in detail, we can schedule one with the writer to talk through the document.

If the application is refused, do you provide refunds?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for work delivered.

There are circumstances, however, where the client may choose to apply at a different state using the same business proposal or reapply with a tweak of the existing business plan. In cases such as these, we can quote a special price having regard to the personal circumstances so please get in touch via email at

Do you polish existing business plans? I don’t need a fresh one to be written but the one I have needs improvement.

Yes, the pricing will vary on a case by case basis. Please email us your query and we will provide you with a quote upon review of your unique case. We can always create a unique listing just for you so that the transaction can take place on the visadoc platform.

For more FAQs on our business plans, please go here

Instructions and more notes

Information required from the client: Passport biometrics page, full CV, a summary of the business idea or preferred direction, supplementary notes and attachments regarding the business and any research or idea notes

Delivered within: 2 – 4 weeks on average or as requested (subject to schedule)

Additional notes: 50% of the payment is required to begin work with the remaining payable on delivery of the final BP. All transactions must be finalised within 4 weeks of starting. In the event the client requires additional time to review, the remaining payment must be made if the client has received the latest best draft and it has reached 4-week mark.

.Languages: English

What to expect once this is requested: We will message you with a link to upload your information and documents.