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When will the professional get paid?

Charterdoc uses a secure and powerful third-party payment system called Stripe. Stripe takes around 7 days to transfer the money to the vendor bank account, from the moment when the transaction is marked as completed.

What happens if the professional doesn’t deliver?

Charterdoc encourages parties to communicate with one another to resolve any issues that may arise. In the event one party wishes to cancel, depending on where you are at with the task, you may want to settle on a reasonable partial payment. It is important that these discussions take place via Charterdoc’s Private Messaging so we can assist where necessary and make the adjustment for you.

What are the current market needs?

Professionals can create listings based on particular requests made by clients. Or a listing can be created based on existing demands in the market. Some of the current deliverables in demand are listed here to help professionals.

I want to change the pricing after starting the work.

Discuss the price change with the other side before editing the listing. If you are unable to do this, please contact us so we can make the adjustment for you.

How do I create a listing?

The first step is to consider what tasks the service involves, what skills and abilities are needed to do the job and what level of performance is expected. It is helpful to prepare a job description in detail in the listing before it commences.

It is also necessary to arrange a time frame in which the service is expected to be delivered, prior to commencing.

For more details on creating listings please see here.

I have question or a feedback.

Please use our contact form created just for the gig platform here.