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Professionals as service providers create your profiles on your page as you join the platform. As service providers, professionals can post a listing, based on the identified market needs in your specialised field.

Professionals may also create a listing based on a request as listed by other members.

The listing can be role-based, where you are hired on an hourly basis for a predetermined amount of time.

The listing can be deliverables-based, where you are hired based on delivering a particular assignment or work.

Professionals build your profile and reputation in the Charterdoc community through reviews from the feedback of each assignment completed. You can also opt to submit short articles or commentaries related to your area for publishing.

Before you post, please read this document.


Users can join as basic members and hire a freelancing knowledge professional for a particular service or deliverable.

As clients, you can browse through the current listings and hire a knowledge professional based on your needs.

You can request a listing yourself, by submitting the information on this page for a particular service with details of your needs. Your request will be then shared with the registered freelancers on Charterdoc who will create a listing offering what you need as a service.

To gain a better understanding of our marketplace concept, please read this document.


Once a professional is hired by the client, the payment as made by the client will be secured with Stripe, a secure and powerful third-party escrow payment system.

When the professional completes the service and requests payment, the client will be notified to release the task payment. Once released by the client, the payment is then securely transferred to the professional’s nominated bank account within 7 business days.


It is free to sign up to the marketplace platform.

Charterdoc charges a service fee for each task the professional offers which can range from 10 – 20% of the task price. Tax is also included in this fee.

To the client hiring the professional, a small variable booking fee is charged, once the task is assigned.

All charged fees are transparent. Both service and booking fees are costs involved with running the Charterdoc marketplace and community. The fees are reinvested into the platform, ensuring the smooth running and growing of Charterdoc as well as developing the technology around secure payment systems and other critical opportunities.