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Welcome to Charterdoc and thanks for your interest. We love having you onboard.

Charterdoc is a new kind of digital marketplace for the freelancing, knowledge-intensive professional community. To help you understand how Charterdoc marketplace works, please read the following carefully before you make your first listing.

The pandemic has forced companies from all sectors across Australia to get remote working. Remote working is not very different from working a gig. On the Charterdoc platform, the gigification of knowledge-intensive work is carried out as deliverables.

A deliverable is an outcome, a document or a product.

In the knowledge work context such as in accounting, consulting, legal, research or writing, trust is a critical factor as the work itself is highly complex. Clients want to meet, talk and discuss their matters before entrusting the professional with the deliverable.

On the Charterdoc platform, we facilitate the gigification of knowledge work in three synergetic ways.

One, by enabling listings that can be unpacked into structured tasks or an outcome that can be specified and measured objectively.

Two, by providing a secure and powerful third-party escrow payment facility.

And three, a review system that collects information and feedback from past clients.

Charterdoc platform is a new way of carrying out knowledge work in the post-pandemic landscape. Meetings and phone calls to build trust and understand one another will no longer be necessary as professionals focus their resources on delivering specified tasks efficiently. Clients can engage professionals based on the comprehensive information as listed on the posting, with the support of an escrow payment system and review network.

For further details on how to list, please read create listings and our guidelines.